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Training Coordinator

Training Coordinator

Job Description

•The purpose of this job is to partner with Site Leadership to promote and coordinate a proactive and effective plant/department training program to meet plant and individual goals in support of a highly reliable and sustainable workforce.

•Provides a plant resource to assist leaders and individuals in determining the appropriate training to meet their needs and goals. The Training Coordination role is a critical role to enable an effective knowledge transfer for new employees and ensure long term continual increase of knowledge for current employees.

•In conjunction with Leadership, coordinates the development and implementation of and maintains the plant training program to ensure compliance is achieved for all training policies and requirements.

•Ensures curriculums are assigned in line with needs and requirements.

•Work with Course Owners / SMEs, to coordinate the development of local training

•Partners with Leaders and SMEs and new/existing employees to develop and maintain employee specific training schedules and plans.

•Ensures appropriate local subject matter experts review and approve plant specific training and learning resources and that all local learning resources are up-to-date and available.

•Acts as the subject matter resource for learning resources and coaches employees on how to access and utilize learning resources.

• Coordinates plant resources for delivery of training (i.e. qualified instructors, materials and/or facilities).

•Ensures all required employee training records are up-to-date and maintained in a tracking system.

•Tracks compliance and communicates overdue training items to employees, teams and leadership to deliver 100% training compliance.

•Typically fills the role of document manager.

•Optimizes cost of delivery for local and global training in plant/department.

•Involvement in on-boarding of new employees and contractors into the plant/department.

•Performs/supports audit related reporting (ex. ISO).



•Competence in creating and utilizing a system for learning and for managing documents
•Organized. Ensures accuracy of records.
•Good communicator.
•Fluency in the English language is key for communication with learning teams.
•Good time manager and scheduler.
•A minimum of 2 years of experience in a chemical or petrochemical facility is required.
•Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) experience is required.
•Good team work skills are required.
•Ability to facilitate meetings.
•Strong written and verbal communication skills.
•Able to communicate with a diverse population
•Strong reading comprehension and listening skills.
•A minimum of an Associate degree or higher is preferred but  a High School Diploma with significant experience is acceptable

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: http://www.biolabarabia.com/ →

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